Hi. I'm Drew Roberts, a Brooklyn-based director, animator, and writer. Character-driven educational videos are my specialty, but I also do short films and music videos. 
Before branching out to start my own LLC, I served as the Animation Director for Flocabulary (acquired by Nearpod in 2018), from 2014-2019. Nearpod remains my go-to client. More work history on LinkedIn
Writing is my first love, and my undergrad and grad school degrees reflect that. I have a Bachelor's in English Literature from Queen's University (Canada), and a Master's in Journalism from Syracuse University's Newhouse School. The Master's program incorporated lots of digital and video training into the curriculum, which helped nudge me in that direction. After grad school, I pursued animation and video studies on my own time, and eventually went that route in my career. But writing remains an integral part of what I do. I especially love writing dialogue—a key component of the Oops! video series.
What else?
I love swimming and I'm not picky about where. I start each day with a nutrient-rich smoothie to remedy staying up too late each night. And I bring my slippers almost everywhere. 
Questions? Feel free to shoot me a note. Thanks for stopping by.