Hi. I'm Drew Roberts, a Brooklyn-based director, animator, and writer. Character-driven educational videos are my specialty, but I also do short films and music videos. I directed all the videos you see on this site, but I often also do the design & animation, sound design & engineering, script writing, and voiceover performance too. Just check the credits on any given project if you're curious which hats I happened to be wearing that day. 
I'm currently writing and directing an ongoing series of educational videos for Nearpod, an ed tech company and digital classroom teaching platform. I love boiling complex information down to something that's not only easy to understand, but also entertaining age appropriate without being corny. 
From 2014 to 2019 I served as the Animation Director for Flocabulary (later acquired by Nearpod), a company that produces educational hip-hop music videos. During that time I directed about 200 educational videos, covering all subjects across grades K-12. Production moved at a breakneck speed, and often with limited budgets. The experience taught me how to move quickly and come up with cost-efficient art direction strategies without skimping on quality.  ​​​​
Writing is my first love. I have a Bachelor's in English Literature from Queen's University (Canada), and a Master's in Journalism from Syracuse University's Newhouse School. Before pivoting to animation, I worked as an ESL teacher, after school tutor, and at various magazines and newspapers. Fiction and dialogue are especially fun to write, and I'm excited to be able to incorporate those into my videos. 
As you browse my portfolio, you'll see lots of visual styles. I've worked with dozens of amazing illustrators and animators, and I've picked up a slew of techniques over the years. Stop motion animation was the first technique I learned. Then, green screen and video/photo collage. When I'm directing other artists to illustrate and animate a video, they of course bring their own visions with them. The result is a motley portfolio that I hope you'll enjoy clicking around in. 
Got a project? Don't hesitate to shoot me a note.​​​​​​​ Thanks for stopping by!