I'm a director, writer, and animator who specializes in boiling down complex concepts to create simple, fun video lessons. I also direct short films and music videos in a range of styles, from stop motion to 2D, green screen/VFX, and live action. My favorite part of the job is collaborating with other artists, actors, and educators. 
I served as Director of Animation for Flocabulary (acquired by Nearpod in 2018), from 2014-2019. Before that, I worked as an editor, reporter and videographer at various magazines and newspapers in the Syracuse area. I hold a bachelor's in English from Queen's University (Canada), and a master's in Digital Journalism from Syracuse University's Newhouse School.  
What else?
I'm a kayaker, I start each day with a smoothie, and (recent development) I am too old to skate. 
Questions? Feel free to shoot me a note. Thanks for stopping by.