In 2013, I resolved to pursue a career in animation. But first, I needed a portfolio. No one's going to hire you unless you've got a portfolio. Each day after work I would go to my studio in Syracuse, N.Y., and teach myself stop motion until midnight, one, two in the morning. In summer 2014 I created a website, (it's not a thing anymore), to house my series of loosely connected animated text shorts. They were all animated the old fashioned way: pure stop motion with no computer-generated effects. For the text, I used Letraset dry letter transform sheets, placing and animating each letter by hand. Part of my analog approach was that I was an old timey purist. Part of it was that I didn't yet know how After Effects worked. 
These aren't masterpieces, but they did help me eventually get hired. Thanks, Stop Motion Haiku.
Here are a few less embarrassing selections from the series:
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